Rosemary oil

Ingredients/INCI: Rosmarinus officinalis

Nazwa botaniczna: Rosmarinus officinalis

Nazwa zwyczajowa: Rosemary oil

CAS #: 8000-25-7, F.E.M.A.: 2992

Używane części roślin: liście i kwitnące wierzchołki

Metoda ekstrakcji: destylacja parą wodną

Kolor i zapach: Bezbarwny lub jasnożółty klarowny płyn z ziołowym, drzewnym zapachem

Ciężar właściwy: 0.89800 - 0.92200 @ 25°C

Współczynnik załamania: 1.46600 - 1.47000 @ 25°C.

Jakość teraputyczna

Rozmaryn to powszechnie znana, aromatyczna przyprawa ziołowa. Krzew rozmarynu porasta głównie ciepłe kraje śródziemnomorskie.

Kraj pochodzenia: Hiszpania

Cena: 36,00 PLN

Pojemność: 10ml


Rosemary oil has a pleasant, warm, slightly bitter aroma. In natural medicine, it is used for cold and arthritis. The oil normalizes blood pressure and is used for treating migraine and diarrhea. What is more, it possesses good antiseptic qualities as well as strengthens the walls of blood vessels and soothes vein inflammations. The oil also proves useful in varicose treatment. When it comes to the emotional sphere, rosemary oil improves concentration and memory. It has stimulating properties and alleviates depression. It is also a gentle aphrodisiac. Similarly to other essential oils, rosemary oil exhibits amazing cosmetic qualities. It enables us to, fully naturally and, therefore, safely, ensure a beautiful look of our skin and hair. What is more, the oil moisturizes the skin, smoothens and firms it up. It has also been proved that it substantially influences cellulite reduction. At the same time, rosemary oil inhibits wrinkles formation so thanks to using it, the skin looks very young, flexible and healthy for a long time. The oil is also precious for our hair – its regular use noticeably strengthens weakened and split ends, prevents dryness, and makes hair silky smooth and bright. Besides that, the oil also strengthen hair roots from the inside.

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