Juniper oil

Ingredients/INCI:Juniperus communis

Nazwa botaniczna: Juniperus Communis

Nazwa zwyczajowa: Juniper oilv

CAS #: 8012-91-7, F.E.M.A. : 2604

Używane części roślin: jagody jałowca

Metoda ekstrakcji: destylacja z parą wodną

Kolor i zapach: Jasnożółta klarowna ciecz ze świeżym, czystym, lekko leśnym aromatem

Jakość terapeutyczna

Ciężar właściwy: 0.86900 - 0.85900 @ 25°C

Współczynnik załamania: 1.47200 - 1.48400 @ 20 °C


Olej jałowca może być pozyskiwany z jagód, a także igieł i drewna. Ma świeży, jasny, ale lekko drzewny aromat, jest to blady olej o lepkości wody.


Kraj pochodzenia: Indie

Cena: 17,10 £

Pojemność: 10ml


Juniper oil is more and more often recommended by specialists and more and more often used, as it has numerous properties beneficial for health. The oil is extracted during the process of steam distillation, and it is obtained from the fruit – juniper berries. The subject of the distillation process are delicately dried ripe, 2 years-old fruit, which prior to that undergo the process of pressing. The oil has antiseptic qualities and its use is recommended during convalescence and weakened immunity of an organism. Besides that, the oil alleviates the infections of upper respiratory tract and helps in rhinitis and cough. It also regulates menstrual cycle and reduces menstrual pains. Juniper oil has wide range of uses, for instance in the case of excessive muscular tension, body exhaustion, urinary tract infections, rheumatism, sciatica, hemorrhoids, kidney stones, varices, insomnia, hypertension and wounds. This oil also supports obesity treatment therapies, and thanks to its ability to regulate water balance in an organism it is also applied against cellulite. It can be also used as a supportive means for lack of energy and anxiety. Additionally, it increases the secretion of gastric acid and bile. Juniper oil is especially recommended for people with skin problems, such as juvenile acne or stretch marks. It has a very pleasant, resinous fragrance.

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