Eucalyptus oil

Ingredients/INCI:Eucalyptus globulus

Nazwa botaniczna: eukaliptus gałkowy

Nazwa zwyczajowa: Eukaliptusowy olej globulus, olej

eukaliptusowy globulus liści

CAS #: 8000-48-4 FEMA: 2466

Ciężar właściwy: 0,90500 - 0,92500 @ 25 °C

Współczynnik załamania: 1,45800 - 1,46500 @ 20 °C

Używane części roślin: Liście i gałęzie

Metoda ekstrakcji: destylację z parą wodną

Kolor i zapach: Bezbarwny lub jasnożółty klarowny płyn o świeżym balsamicznym, podobnym do kamfory zapachu.

Jakość terapeutyczna

Eucalyptus oil otrzymywany jest z liści i gałęzi drzewa eukaliptusowego.


Kraj pochodzenia: Australia

Cena: 10,00 £

Pojemność: 10ml


Eucalyptus oil is a popular essential oil, which is extracted from the leaves of the eucalyptus tree as a result of distillation of tree leaves with steam. Eucalyptus oil has many beneficial properties when it comes to health. It loosens and reduces nervous and muscular tension, soothes senses, calms, supports infections treatment and accelerates the period of convalescence after diseases. The unique content of eucalyptus oil makes it possible to stimulate mucus production and facilitate expectoration – and therefore, it is used in the case of ailments of upper and lower respiratory tracts. When used for a massage, eucalyptus oil shall alleviate muscular and tendons pains, headaches and rheumatic pains. Eucalyptus oil is often used in aromatherapy and massage rooms. Natural medicine also appreciates its beneficial properties. It can be applied in cold treatment, especially in bronchitis and airway inflammations. The oil stimulates the movement of lung cilia and dilutes mucus, which is due to this easier to remove. The oil can be used against stomatitis, pharyngitis and herpes. It accelerates wounds healing, the treatment of acne, burns, mycosis and psoriasis. The clove oil’s fragrance deters louses, mosquitoes, fleas and other insects.

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