Basil oil

Ingredients/INCI:Ocimum basilicum

Nazwa botaniczna: Ocimum basilicum

Nazwa zwyczajowa: Common Basil, Sweet Basil

CAS #: 8015-73-4, FEMA: 2119

Gęstość względna: 0,89000 - 0,93000 @ 25 °C

Współczynnik załamania światła: 1,47950 - 1,48950 @ 20 °C

Używane części roślin: łodyga, liście, kwiatostan

Metoda ekstrakcji: destylacja z parą wodną

Kolor i zapach: bladożółty, zapach świeży, słodki, zielny z nutą kamfory

Jakość terapeutyczna

Bazylia jest rośliną jednoroczną, najbardziej znaną jako dodatek kulinarny stosowany szczególnie w kuchni włoskiej a także w kuchni azjatyckiej.

Kraj pochodzenia: Indie

Cena: 46,00 PLN


Pojemność: 10ml

The oil extracted from basil has stimulating and refreshing properties. It is used as a means of alleviating fears and insomnia. It can be also applied as a painkiller, especially in the case of neurological pains, such as: migraine, rheumatic and muscular pains, or neuralgia. Basil oil has soothing qualities, so it is especially helpful for insects bites. The oil can also be used for massages, compresses, baths, as well as inhalations via a special aromatherapeutic oil burner. Basil oil is a very precious means of fighting all mental and psychosomatic disorders. It proves to be very useful in alleviating the already mentioned depression symptoms and anxiety. It is also used in the state of stress and melancholy. What's more, it efficiently eliminates fatigue and gives strength. The oil can be used as a painkiller also in the case of stomachaches or menstrual pains. What’s interesting is that basil oil proves to have an antiemetic effect. It can be used for nausea, constipation and gases. It alleviates cough and cold. Basil oil can also be applied in the case of excessive feet sweating. Thanks to the fact that it has antiseptic properties, and that it slows down the process of hair growth, the oil can be applied after depilation. It has refreshing and soothing properties. It is used against all kinds of skin irritation and it perfectly relaxes the body as well as mitigates various symptoms of fatigue. A fresh, sweet and slightly spicy aroma is a characteristic trait of basil oil.

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