Damai Natural

Quality is our priority - therefore we make sure that the products we offer come from the best sources. Only natural content guarantees safety and good results, enables us to preserve health, restore vitality and improve the quality of life. Nowadays, market is full of synthetic products possessing "wonderful" qualities, which, in reality, do not do any good, but, quite contrary, can actually cause harm. We put health as our main priority and we use nature benefits, not improving what is already perfect, and we don't cheat by replacing natural elements with chemical ones. One satisfied client will recommend a product to another, and he will come back where he had been treated fairly. This is exactly what matters to us, and it is in this way that we create our bond with clients and advertise ourselves, promoting health and nature.


Damai’s products were produced in the conditions respecting rigorous environmental protection rules. They are luxurious and fully natural. In order to produce them, only thoroughly selected plants parts were used to obtain therapeutic quality. The quality has been proved by obtaining certificates from three control bodies, which give certificates for organic farming: USDA Organic, Vedic Organic and India Organic. Plants material used in order to produce our oils comes from organic farms, without the use of pesticides, antibiotics, modifying substances, with the preservation of natural resources and biodiversity. Quality control is conducted on every stage of plant's growth and it concerns various aspects (soil, irrigation, a strict list of pest control chemicals, specific harvest time and methods, methods of storing plants material). The process of production is also the subject to permanent control, which is proved by numerous ISO 9001:2008 quality certificates concerning quality management, the ISO 22000:2005 ones concerning food safety, and the WHO-GMP certificate referring to quality control, management, and production of food and pharmaceutical products.


Get to know us and choose consciously. Damai is a piece of nature which contains the essences of plants from all over the world...

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