We continue to look for new business solutions in terms of sale and distribution of products. Our most important long-term aim is to totally displace from the market all synthetic and diluted oils, which are unfairly called 100% natural. But we won't do it ourselves. We'd like to have an official distributor in each large Polish city in order for our products to reach clients in the entire country, proving their value with the highest quality.


We have prepared a few cooperation variants, which are solutions bringing considerable benefits for each party and which will enable us to achieve our aims. We offer our distributors clear and professional cooperation, based on mutual support and business integrity. After initial discussions, we inform distributors about all costs connected with import, quality control and adapting our oils for sale. After that, we establish the rules and conditions of our cooperation together. We are also open to your ideas and suggestions.


Our essential oils are ideal products for SPA, massage salons and saunas. Everyone can compose a perfect aromatic mix for themselves, depending on what kind of effects they want to achieve, or take their favorite fragrance home via purchasing. Our products are also addressed to perfumeries, hotels, pharmacies, florists, herbal shops, soap stores, as well as companies and shops using aroma marketing. They stand out due to their elegant look and the highest quality, which has always been our priority.

We are open to foreign cooperation as our products are becoming more and more popular abroad.


To meet the demands of our clients, we can create individual projects of labels and packages. The institutions which often use this possibility are hotels, for which details are very important and which want to offer their clients products under their own brand. There is also a possibility of purchasing oils in neutral packages, thanks to which clients can label them in any way they want.


We'd like to cooperate with companies, but also with individual enthusiasts. If you share the values, such as integrity and mutual respect in business, and, just like we do, draw inspiration from nature, appreciating its blessings, feel free to contact us via email We will consider every offer and will establish the most convenient solution.



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