ECOCERT certificate


An "ecological and natural cosmetics" mark can be affixed to products the composition of which is in at least 95% natural. Furthermore, at least 95% of these natural ingredients must come from biological cultivation. The term "a biological cosmetic" is used in case of products whose natural raw materials coming from biological cultivation constitute at least 50%. Products with the ECOCERT certificate cannot contain artificial: flagrances, artificial dyes and fats, silicones, parabens, PEG emulsifiers; they cannot be tested on animals or contain petroleum derivatives. Moreover, they do not contain genetically modified materials. The product packing should be disposable and the whole technological process of its creation should be environmentally friendly. The ECOCERT certificate is a certificate of safety, quality, and natural, organic origin of the product.



In order to obtain USDA Organic certificate, the products have to fulfil a range of requirements, starting with cultivation, through production, and ending with the process of packaging. All components of the products approved by USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) have to be also accepted by FDA (Food and Drug Administration) – the most restrictive institution controlling food and medicines in the world. Products having this certificate have to contain at least 95% of organic ingredients (excluding water and salt). The remaining 5% have to be approved by the so-called National Register, which does not allow the use of petrochemical industry derivatives, synthetic pigments and aroma substances, parabens, etc.



 The entities which support both bigger and smaller ecological producers and certify ecological production during its entire chain. Plants material used in order to produce our oils comes from organic farms, without the use of pesticides, antibiotics, modifying substances, with the preservation of natural resources and biodiversity. This means that the material comes both from the cultivations and wild plants, which are continuously under quality control. Quality control is conducted on every stage of plant's growth and it concerns various aspects (soil, irrigation, a strict list of pest control chemicals, specific harvest time and methods, methods of storing plants material).


ISO 9001:2008 quality certificates concern quality management, ISO 22000:2005 refer to safe food, whereas WHO-GMP certificate concerns quality control, management, and production of food and pharmaceutical products.




We have to remember and be aware of the fact that in the process of distillation pesticides and herbicides are not eliminated from a product, but accumulate in it – that's why the source of plants material is of such importance for oils production. Bio essential oils guarantee that they do not come from industrial farms and do not include chemicals. The wild crafted resources ensure that chemical plant protection products were not used on them. The oils which we offer are natural, unmodified, and devoid of synthetic substances. Plants material obtained from natural sources constitutes a resource which is the purest, least processed and violated by man, and at the same time ensures its balanced use. Most oils are produced in the place of their origins, which is to ensure the highest quality and the development of small local producers.


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