About us

We have been occupied with the topic of essential oils since 2009, when during our journey to India we got convinced about their effectiveness ourselves – thanks to peppermint oil, migraine after the air travel disappeared on the spot. Then the idea of bringing these products to Europe was born. We started searching for other fragrances. Since that time, we have been selecting our suppliers very carefully. The basic criteria include: integrity, client-oriented approach, and the highest quality of products, obtained with due care towards the natural environment. Our suppliers are not big companies, in case of which quality is questionable due to pursuit of profit, but small manufacturers – often family businesses in which the knowledge concerning extracting essential oils has been passed down from one generation to another.


We have set ourselves a mission of ensuring all our clients an access to plants extracts of the highest quality, from the most distant corners of our globe. Our aim is to provide you with extremely concentrated products of top quality. We attach much importance to integrity and morality in business, thanks to which the content of every bottle is of assured quality. Damai is the essence of nature contained in a bottle – therefore, in our everyday work we make sure that only fully natural and pure extracts enter it, as only these guarantee the desired effects of use. Damai’s essential oils are produced in the conditions respecting rigorous environmental protection rules. They are luxurious products, as they are fully natural. In order to produce them, only thoroughly selected plants parts are used to obtain therapeutic quality. The plants material comes from ecological plantations or wild plants for whose harvest quantitative permissions are issued. Our long-term aim is to displace from the market all sham, synthetic and diluted products, which are unfairly called 100% natural. Nature is our inspiration – we respect it, and in return we receive what’s most precious from it.


We want our company to be associated with loyalty, integrity and beautiful smell – for you to stop for a moment and give yourself a moment of luxury in everyday haste and routine. Damai oils will take you for an amazing journey full of unforgettable sensations. Our wish is to offer not only the best products but also professional service, based on knowledge and individual approach to every client. We are trying to continuously expand our offer in order for everyone to find something for themselves and use an enormous potential of essential oils. We are still deepening our knowledge concerning aromatherapy to offer advice and information with regard to the selection of products. We also make sure that you receive our oils in an aesthetic and unique form – in order for each client to feel special.


We’d like to invite you to our aromatic world and thank you for your trust.


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